Advanced Palmistry


Advanced Palmistry




Palmistry for Wealth, Health, Happiness and Love


Love, happiness and wealth are the main and most widely sought questions that you might ask a palm reader. We all want to know when we shall get married and to what sort of spouse. We all also want to know  how much wealth and happiness our lives are going to be filled with. We expect the palm reader to be some  sort of magician and foretell us exactly what the future holds for us. This is not a very wise thing to do. The  art of palmistry can unravel many secrets but one has to be patient. Expecting instant and sure shot results  is not a very wise approach. As far as the relationships in a person’s life goes, it is possible to judge by the 
lines of the palms, whether it is going to be an arranged marriage or love. When the marriage or long 
term relationship is once indicated, it is possible in most cases to predict whether it is going to be a happy 
and harmonious one or not. The predictions might be superficial though. The intricate details of the 
relations are not very clearly disclosed. There may also be estimations whether the marriage or the 
relationship is going to last for long or is going to result in a quick break up. After this inferring is 
done, there have to be steps taken for the prevention of a potential break up. The family members are not 
very clearly indicated in the hands. There are only hints of superficial information that might be given. 
There may be predictions though of how many children one might have and at what point of their life. One may also be able to find out whether he/she is going to be wealthy or going to have a loss of property. The ways and the exact conditions may not be clear, but the indications are definitely there. The palm reading may also be able to indicate which career option a person might be most suited for and this shall help you in making the best career choice for yourself. One might be able to find out if the person is creative or is 
technically inclined. This shall definitely open newer arenas for you because you shall have a definite 
direction to move towards. One is sure to find a lot of answers to some of their most heartfelt queries. It is 
a good option to seek for answers and then work towards making a brighter future… 



What are Quadrant, Quadrangle
and Great Triangle?


Palm reading is a complex art and it has certain rules and guidelines that it follows. There are the basic 
rules that the art uses and on the basis of these there are predictions made. The hand is divided into four 
parts known as the quadrants. 


These are known as the four distinct quadrants. Each of these quadrants has a separate function in the 
predictions. The lower part of the hand is the one that is used for the predictions regarding earthly matters. 
It includes the functions of the subconscious mind. The other half or the upper portion of the palm is the one 
that is decisive in the matters like philosophy, intellect, spirituality and the actions of the fully 
active and conscious mind. The quadrangles as well as the great triangle are the ones that are in the center 
of the palm. 


The quadrangle is in the upper portion of the palm and it lies in a horizontal position amidst the lines of 
the palm that indicate heart and head. The great triangle is that widest part of the palm of the hand 
that is considering the central part of the palm. This is the part that has a border around it of the lines of 
the head and the life. The quadrants are the meaningful and effective parts that the palm is divided into. 
There is a sort of harmony and balance that has to be administered in the palms. If this balance is 
disturbed, the imbalance and the disharmony is the result. The great triangle is a sort of indicator for 
health and wellness. If the triangle is a large one, it is supposed to signify good health. This is as a result 
of the line of health being removed to a higher extent by the life line of the person. 


The field of actions shall be limited to a lesser amount and the views of life would be from a broader 
spectrum. When there is an acute upper angle, the person shall be more sensitive and shall be timid and 
nervous as well. The quadrangle is supposed to be ideal if it is the same throughout. It should not have any 
narrow tips. If this is the case then the person is level headed and controlled. This also denotes the 
positive and controlled attitude of the subject towards the surroundings and the people around and is an 
excellent trait to possess… 


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