Palm Reading - Hand Dominance


Palm Reading - What Is Hand Dominance?






The art of palm reading is gaining wide popularity across the globe by describing the exact personality 
and character of a person. Hands are the most important components of palm reading because palmists read  the major and minor lines on the palm. Your palms say the depth of wealth, health potential, business and career, marital life, love life and person’s intellectuality. According to palmists, this is an effective way to 
recognize any one’s mentality. You must be surprised with this amazing science of predicting the personality 
of an unknown individual. 


As far as hand dominance is concerned, the hand which is used consistently is said  to be as dominant hand. 
The dominant hand is more skilled and can do all tasks better than other hand. Hand dominance is also known as hand preference because first choice is always enjoyed by one hand. There are many researches and studies behind hand dominance especially when it is considered with palmistry. The significance of both left and right hand is different and the lines indicate unique characteristics. According to some professional experts the left hand represents an individual’s potential whereas right hand indicates realized personality. 


As per some palmists, the right hand shows future and at the same time the left hand indicates past. The 
palmists read right hand for men and left hand for women as there are certain beliefs and assumptions 
regarding left and right hand. There are some palmists who demonstrate that left hand is given by god whereas it is you who made the right. The choice of reading left or right palm totally depends upon the experience and instincts of different palmists. 


In palm reading, the left hand indicates relationship understanding and pattern recognition, being managed by right brain. It reflects the natural self, inner person and lateral thinking. It could also be considered as a 
part of personal and spiritual development. Left is “Yin” that is receptive and feminine of personality. 


The right hand indicates reason, logic and language and is directed by left brain. It reflects the person’s 
outer-self, persuade of social environment, objective self, experience and education. The right hand 
symbolizes linear thinking and also corresponds to the personality of “yang” which means outgoing and male. The hand which is more dominant has more influence over the personality of an individual. There are lots of other things also which influence the personality of a person such as hand shape, the lines, fingers, the mounts, the marks etc. 


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