Palm Reading - Worry Lines


Palm Reading  - Worry Lines





Worry Lines


There are a lot of preoccupations in the human mind and 
there are a lot of things we are worried about even in 
our day to day lives. There may be worries related to 
life and career and there may be worries about family 
and the love life. There are people who worry about 
wealth and fortune and then there are others that worry 
about the health and the life line of the individual. 


These worries are well indicated in the palms of the 
hands and if they are read and interpreted well, there 
can be solutions for the same. These are the lines that 
are from the base line of the thumb in the upward 
motion. These are the lines that have in themselves the 
secrets about the worries that the human mind may have. 
More are the lines, the more the person worries. 


On the other hand, if the lines are few, then the 
person has one or a few things to worry about but they 
are serious ones. There may also be people who have 
negligibly few or no fine lines. These are the ones who 
do not worry about anything in life. This also means 
that their partners are sure to have many of these 
lines on their hands. If there is an occurrence of the 
worry line crossing the life line, then there is a 
possibility of a serious health issue in the person’s 
life. Besides this, if the person has any of these for 
the future, the job of the palm analyst is to help the 
person come to terms with the facts and then help 
him/her to find alternative solutions for the same. 
Worry lines are those indicators that are meant to 
prepare the person for the hocks and the surprises that 
the future may hold for them. If there is a possibility 
of such a serious issue related to health, the person 
should be taught methods of self hypnosis. This shall 
help the person to calm down and then think what needs 
to be done. There are things that can be done to get 
rid of these serious ailments. 


This is possible if there is timely interpretation and 
the person is aware of the impending danger beforehand. 
So all one needs to do here is look for the worry lines 
and get them read well before the worry becomes a 


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