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Most of the readers I know have several Tarot decks. The reasons for this are many. Some collect decks. Some bought a deck they found interesting at the time of purchase, but subsequently found they didn't "click" with. Some learned to read with a certain deck and then branched out on their own. Acquiring a new deck is a scary business. For one thing, Tarot decks are not cheap and you don't want to spend $20.00 and up for something you will end up throwing in a drawer, not to mention the large investment in time and study required to learn it.


I recommend that when you are starting out you find a deck you like and stick with it for a while, at least until you are comfortable reading it without the book sitting by your side. If you find the going rough, don't be tricked into thinking that a new deck will be easier to learn. While this is sometimes the case, particularly if you really dislike your current deck, more often it is not. A new deck won't be any easier unless you have a good base of interpretations to build upon. Once you have that, a new deck can be exciting and can revitalize a "stale" period. Don't feel you have to have the newest deck that everyone is talking about. A Tarot deck is like a friend.


You don't (or at least shouldn't) discard old friends every time you make a new one. I read with the Waite-Smith exclusively (on and off) for many years. I branched out to Motherpeace with much trepidation, remembering how painful it had been to learn the Waite-Smith, but I found that it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be because I had a good foundation in Waite-Smith. Learning my next deck was easier still. Remembering that I have the rest of my life to learn made it much easier and less stressful. You don't have to learn 3 cards a day, or even one card a day. If you are following a course, print the messages and go at your own pace. Spend a day on the Aces Lesson or spend a week on it. No one is judging you, there are no exams. Take your time, develop a rapport with your deck, record what you learn and in a few months you will feel quite comfortable reading Tarot.





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