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Palm reading or palmistry is an interesting art or knowledge stream for people who believe in it and practice it. It helps in making future predictions, determines the current and effect of past on new up comings. One can find lots of lines on palm but three main lines are considered as most important namely; The Heart line, the Head line and the Life line. Heart line plays a very significant role in examining the matters like romantic perspectives, emotional stability, stoicism and depression etc. It represents both metaphorical and physical aspects of life.

The Heart line suggests all the events and emotions related with love and emotions. It illustrates that those having deeper and stronger line are more warm and devoted. Everyone has this line but each may have different line representing person’s characteristics, emotions and relationships. It is also called love line, begins from the periphery of the palm beneath the pinkie finger. It runs across the whole palm and preferably ends below the joining of index finger and middle finger.

If the heart line is longer enough ending below index figure, this symbolizes a person’s love or affection for spirituality rather than physical. If the line is very short ending beneath the middle line represents the opposite. A deep and thin heart line means a person is gentle and delicate. If it is shallow and thick, the emotions are wild and rough. A downward curve beneath the middle finger suggests irrational, headstrong and forceful love. A long line with split ends and downward curve indicates sacrificing and stubborn love.

A deep, clear and gently curved heart line indicates the emotional stability and balanced approach to life. This is someone with depths of love and strong will power to love as well as to be loved along with maintaining healthy relationships.





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