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Palm reading is very interesting field for believers of astrology, horoscopes and tarot reading. Palmistry or palm reading is an art to predict the future through interpreting the palm lines. Some of the basic palm line categories include; The Life line, the Heart line and the Head line. These lines represent various physical, emotional and other aspects of an individual’s life.   

The Life line is the most important line taken into consideration by the palmists while reading palms. It symbolizes ones length and vitality of life and is very easy to recognize. It starts from the palm’s top, between the index finger and the thumb, going towards the underneath periphery of the palm. It is not necessary that a long life line only represents the longetivity of life, it also signifies life’s strength both mentally and physically. Long, red and deep life lines portray superior immune system, strong vitality and healthy life. If it is shallow and short, the person has a propensity of weak immune system and certain health issues.

Person with a thick life line is good with sports or physical work whereas a thin life line means less physical but good brain power. The iron-chain creases on the life line at the beginning indicate frequent or repeated illness. If there are any small creases or breaks on life line, it represents the old age health problems. The circular creases the center of life line indicates major hospitalization or health problems, a bigger crease means worse and long lasting condition. If the line has a clear intersection, this represents that the individual have long as well as healthy life.

One can easily find palmists and tips to read various palm lines through various websites. Technology has made it very simple, easy and convenient to gather as much information as required at one place. Try to find best palmist ensuring reliability and accuracy.





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