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Palm reading or chiromancy, palmistry is also known as the practice of predicting and telling fortunes by reading palm lines. It is a belief that only trained or professional people can read palms but the fact says it can be learned by anyone. It begins with reading the hand one uses most, also called as dominant hand. There are mainly three lines: The head line, the life line and the heart line. One can develop the hobby of palm reading into a profession; just understand the character traits and certain things happening in life.

Beginners can start palm reading with the help of immense online stuff available. First, try to understand the basic concept of palm reading to know why it is required and how it affects one’s life. One can also start with downloading eBooks of different authors and start understanding different lines. There are some sites that offer free eBooks and there are some who charge for each subscription. Try to begin with most popular and professional palm readers to ensure that one is going on right track. The accuracy and right prediction is the most important thing when it comes to palm reading.

With the expansion of technology, it becomes very easy to understand different things through websites. There are lots of sites offering valuable information to the users, being the most convenient and easy way of finding information. Palm reading works on the basis of lines that are categorized into specific categories. While reading palms, these specific categories or patters are correlated to predict future. There are certain characteristics of hand which are interpreted by the professional palm readers. These include skin color, size of palm and fingernails. These categories are again classified into certain subcategories which explain creativity, ambition, energy and temper of people.

Beginners must start with reliable source to maintain high level of accuracy while reading palms. So, all the best for a wonderful new journey.


Judging various hands painted with so many lines, curves, gaps, mark and mounts is an art of palmistry or palm reading. According to some well admired palmists, there are certain things or marks on hand which represents the positive and negative aspects of life. Nowadays, palmistry is something very unique and interesting thus well accepted or admired throughout the world. Finding a professional palmist is not difficult these days, juts thanks to internet providing everything at one place.

According to palmists, the gaps in the various line such as Heart line, Head line and life line, indicate some serious complications in later stages of life. A gap represents some negative possibilities in the coming future which can be minimized through taking right decisions. Palm reading helps to demonstrate these possibilities and suggest some immediate solutions. It is not possible to ignore the risk for 100% because future is not easy to predict, it is always uncertain.

Generally, there are different textures and marks in palm, each having its specific significance. The break mark indicates unpleasant interruption in life whereas a bar marks suggest a barrier in the progress. The chaining mark symbolizes weakness, indecision and unlucky tendency. Circle marks are very rare representing good fortune with the brightness of sun. A cross mark is a sign of failure or shock and in opposite mark with double line is reinforcing and strengthening. The forked marks are symbol of contradictions and division of interest whereas island marks indicates weakness, breakdown and period of depression.

Mounts play a very significant role in palm reading because they are some different lines. They are named after planets and posses some special features. There are many types of mounts such as Jupiter mount, Saturn mount, Apollo or sun mount, Mercury mount, Venus mount, Mars mount, Luna or Moon mount, Neptune mount, Pluto mount and others.

Every Gap, Mark and Mount depicts some unique characteristics of life and personality.


Palm reading is also known as palmistry which is not just about reading palm lines, but incorporates interpretation and understanding of hand. This includes interpreting the hand’s shape, nails, fingers, mounts and formation appearing on fingers and palms. Professional palmists possess lots of qualifications in this field thus have more understanding and knowledge of reading palms. Palm reading is really a unique and interesting profession which requires some dedication and concentration on the part of palmist. A professional palm reader is quite different form self palm reader.

There are some people who really like to read their palms; this is also known as self palm reading. They do not require any academic qualification but just learn things from various sources available, like sites. They develop their hobby into a profession with a passage of time while professional palm readers engage themselves in deep research. Professional palmists are more reliable than self readers because they have a deep knowledge of all concepts which is not so in case of other ones. They can find different and better ways to tell the fortune and personality types. There are some well known institutions providing different courses for palm reading where one can reveal the secrets of palm lines.

The concept of both Professional palm reading and self palm reading is same with a difference of understanding and experience. The professional palm readers are experts in their field and are more experienced thus accuracy cannot be questioned. The self palm readers can also become good readers with practice and understanding the relationship of hands with body, mind and spirit. There are lots of things a palm can demonstrate through its lines, triangles, grid lines, tridents and joining lines.

Nowadays, latest techniques and palm reading software’s are available which have made the palm reading process very simple and easy. So just keep enjoying palm reading or make it a profession.


Palm reading or palmistry can offer numerous benefits. It can assist in finding right direction and gaining a sense of reason. There are lots of people who seek help from various palm readers for getting some valuable ideas on their weaknesses and strengths. This enables them to take right decisions with regard to professional life, love life, the different choices and health issues. Those who usually get confused, palm reading may be very beneficial source for them.

Palm reading represents lots of aspects of one’s life depending upon some major lines such as Life line, Heart line and Head line. These lines signify some major personality traits and things like person’s belief and fate. This is an effective way to know some hidden talents in terms of one’s personality. There are certain people who remain confused every time and waste most of their time in searching right track; both personal and professional. Palm reading can tell them what should they do and when to start from. Though palm reading may not be 100% true but it helps by directing an individual to right track.

Palmistry can find out some amazing and unique qualities of an individual that can be further appreciated. These qualities may also assist a person to become most successful and an ideal figure heading on the exact path. It can be enlightenment to an individual, clearing the doubts thus helping people to have clearer understanding. Palm reading illustrates the positive and negative things in one’s life, indicating the benefits of some qualities that must be adopted.

A greater appreciation and understanding of palm reading can be achieved through practically experiencing it. The palmist’s acts like consultants who use the facts and information obtained through lines to predict future. So try to discover new things in the form of hidden qualities and direct life towards self-discovery, personal happiness and self-fulfillment.




There are so many beliefs and superstitions that surround the human civilization. For those who believe, it is true and for those who don’t it is just a myth. Palm reading is an art that is a very intricate and complex science of deriving meaning from the readings that are inferred from the lines on the hands that are made by the almighty. There are so many stories that are attached with palmistry that it is difficult to choose which one to believe on. Palmistry is an art as well as a science that is supposed to tell the future and the past about a person. There are many mysterious truths that are hidden in the finest lines of one’s hands. This is an art that has been going on from the ancient prehistoric years of mankind. This is the reason it is so well developed and evolved throughout the years. There are many evidences that show that this is true and has factual answers to all the questions one might have about their lives. Hands are supposed to be such blueprints that tell a lot about the life of the person. The patterns of the hands of a person would apparently tell a lot about the life and the happenings of the person. There are many religious stories that are associated with the culture of palmistry. There are general explanations of the norms of palm reading. There have been mentions of it in the Bible and in many other communities such as the Greek and the Chinese. Palm reading is also known as chiromancy. There are a lot of people who believe it and many still think it is just a sort of estimation. It is up to individuals to decide for themselves what they want.


Palmistry is a unique art and culture that has prevailed throughout the years of the human civilization. There are different cultures that have contributed greatly towards the development of this art over the years. The art of judging and foretelling one’s future on the basis of reading and the analysis of reading the palm is an old art.

The roots of this art date back to India and the art of astrology is known as Jyotish in Sanskrit. There were many sages and astrologers who had evolved this art as culture and made it such a widely known way of predicting the future. There have been sayings that there are a lot of other cultures related to it as well; like the Chinese and that from Romans as well. There are many countries that have been involved in the slow and steady process of the development of the palmistry culture. These countries include Egypt, Tibet, China and Persia besides others. There have been many ways of estimation and there are a lot of things that palmistry can predict. There are a lot of things like life, marriage, money and study that are supposed to be predicted with the help of this art. There are so many things that can be predicted from the lines of the hand. There are different predictions for males and females.

There are different predictions according to the left and the right hand. All in all it is something that one can learn with a lot of skill practice and knowledge. There is a constant need to understand from the works of the skilled few who have passed on this art from the generations. There are many mysteries that can be unraveled with the help of this complex art and one is sure to benefit with it for sure.


Palmistry is an art of foretelling and characterizing the future through the study or interpretation of palm lines. One can easily find this practice anywhere in the world with some cultural variations. Those people who practice palmistry are known as palmists, hand readers, palm readers, chorologists or hand analysts. The lines on hand change over with passage of time to reflect personality, current path and experience of the person. There are some people who believe on palm reading for making their future choices.

Future is always uncertain hence it is not possible to judge it accurately. Palm reading can predict about certain future obstacles helping to choose easier path. The chances of risk can be minimized through future prediction but cannot be removed completely. Those who rely upon palmistry for their future choices must consider highly skilled professional to ensure accuracy. The palmists predict future with the help of three main lines called heart line, head line and life line. These lines indicate the different areas of life along with certain personality traits. Apart from these lines there is fate line, sun line and other minor lines.

Palm reading is used as an effective tool to estimate future in many countries, just with few cultural variations. The predictions include person’s health, time to get married, married life, education, career and overall personality. In today’s modern era, one cannot completely rely upon predictions made through palm reading because lines get changed after some period. It is just a way to demonstrate a rough picture of future and some major obstacles in order to remove them.

Nowadays, palmistry has become an interesting art and there are lots of people who are keen to understand and learn it. It helps in understanding some important aspects of life and ways to interpret palm lines and some signs.


Palm reading is one of the popular twigs of ancient astrology art, where palm lines are used to forecast the future. Yes of course, palm reading can deduce the hidden but obvious traits of personality. Though, the credibility and authenticity of palmistry along with astrology predictions remain popular issue of debate. It still manages to draw the attentions of lot many people, believers as well as skeptics. A professional palmist can read out the palm and tell different traits of personality. A chart, also known as palm reading chart is also used to make some predictions.

Palm reading can determine the type of personality through some characters and shape of the palm. According to some professional palmists, palm is divided into four main types: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The Earth hand depicts quick temperament and challenging personality but little patience. They are practical, calm, reliable and steady. They like to be productive and busy all the time, they think a lot for themselves. Another is Air hand which depicts a creative, pensive and practical personality. The people having long fingers enjoy complicated work also. These kinds of people are very curious regarding travelling, nature, communication, new things and strange experiences. The main personality trait includes communication and mental logic.

People with water hand are creative but less practical. They are very intuitive, sensitive, emotional, loving, idealistic and changeable. They are gifted with strong artistic sense making them different from the crowd. Last but not the least, people with Fire hand are enthusiastic, outgoing and creative. They are the owner of curious, impulsive and eager personality but may be impatient and changeable. These types of people are generous, intuitive and social.

Whether palmistry predicts the accurate future or not depicting the personality of any person is real fun. This is an interesting as well as unique way to learn about other and oneself.



Palm reading is very interesting field for believers of astrology, horoscopes and tarot reading. Palmistry or palm reading is an art to predict the future through interpreting the palm lines. Some of the basic palm line categories include; The Life line, the Heart line and the Head line. These lines represent various physical, emotional and other aspects of an individual’s life.   

The Life line is the most important line taken into consideration by the palmists while reading palms. It symbolizes ones length and vitality of life and is very easy to recognize. It starts from the palm’s top, between the index finger and the thumb, going towards the underneath periphery of the palm. It is not necessary that a long life line only represents the longetivity of life, it also signifies life’s strength both mentally and physically. Long, red and deep life lines portray superior immune system, strong vitality and healthy life. If it is shallow and short, the person has a propensity of weak immune system and certain health issues.

Person with a thick life line is good with sports or physical work whereas a thin life line means less physical but good brain power. The iron-chain creases on the life line at the beginning indicate frequent or repeated illness. If there are any small creases or breaks on life line, it represents the old age health problems. The circular creases the center of life line indicates major hospitalization or health problems, a bigger crease means worse and long lasting condition. If the line has a clear intersection, this represents that the individual have long as well as healthy life.

One can easily find palmists and tips to read various palm lines through various websites. Technology has made it very simple, easy and convenient to gather as much information as required at one place. Try to find best palmist ensuring reliability and accuracy.



Palm reading or palmistry is an interesting art or knowledge stream for people who believe in it and practice it. It helps in making future predictions, determines the current and effect of past on new up comings. One can find lots of lines on palm but three main lines are considered as most important namely; The Heart line, the Head line and the Life line. Heart line plays a very significant role in examining the matters like romantic perspectives, emotional stability, stoicism and depression etc. It represents both metaphorical and physical aspects of life.

The Heart line suggests all the events and emotions related with love and emotions. It illustrates that those having deeper and stronger line are more warm and devoted. Everyone has this line but each may have different line representing person’s characteristics, emotions and relationships. It is also called love line, begins from the periphery of the palm beneath the pinkie finger. It runs across the whole palm and preferably ends below the joining of index finger and middle finger.

If the heart line is longer enough ending below index figure, this symbolizes a person’s love or affection for spirituality rather than physical. If the line is very short ending beneath the middle line represents the opposite. A deep and thin heart line means a person is gentle and delicate. If it is shallow and thick, the emotions are wild and rough. A downward curve beneath the middle finger suggests irrational, headstrong and forceful love. A long line with split ends and downward curve indicates sacrificing and stubborn love.

A deep, clear and gently curved heart line indicates the emotional stability and balanced approach to life. This is someone with depths of love and strong will power to love as well as to be loved along with maintaining healthy relationships.





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