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Palmistry is a unique art and culture that has prevailed throughout the years of the human civilization. There are different cultures that have contributed greatly towards the development of this art over the years. The art of judging and foretelling one’s future on the basis of reading and the analysis of reading the palm is an old art.

The roots of this art date back to India and the art of astrology is known as Jyotish in Sanskrit. There were many sages and astrologers who had evolved this art as culture and made it such a widely known way of predicting the future. There have been sayings that there are a lot of other cultures related to it as well; like the Chinese and that from Romans as well. There are many countries that have been involved in the slow and steady process of the development of the palmistry culture. These countries include Egypt, Tibet, China and Persia besides others. There have been many ways of estimation and there are a lot of things that palmistry can predict. There are a lot of things like life, marriage, money and study that are supposed to be predicted with the help of this art. There are so many things that can be predicted from the lines of the hand. There are different predictions for males and females.

There are different predictions according to the left and the right hand. All in all it is something that one can learn with a lot of skill practice and knowledge. There is a constant need to understand from the works of the skilled few who have passed on this art from the generations. There are many mysteries that can be unraveled with the help of this complex art and one is sure to benefit with it for sure.





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