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Palm reading is one of the popular twigs of ancient astrology art, where palm lines are used to forecast the future. Yes of course, palm reading can deduce the hidden but obvious traits of personality. Though, the credibility and authenticity of palmistry along with astrology predictions remain popular issue of debate. It still manages to draw the attentions of lot many people, believers as well as skeptics. A professional palmist can read out the palm and tell different traits of personality. A chart, also known as palm reading chart is also used to make some predictions.

Palm reading can determine the type of personality through some characters and shape of the palm. According to some professional palmists, palm is divided into four main types: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The Earth hand depicts quick temperament and challenging personality but little patience. They are practical, calm, reliable and steady. They like to be productive and busy all the time, they think a lot for themselves. Another is Air hand which depicts a creative, pensive and practical personality. The people having long fingers enjoy complicated work also. These kinds of people are very curious regarding travelling, nature, communication, new things and strange experiences. The main personality trait includes communication and mental logic.

People with water hand are creative but less practical. They are very intuitive, sensitive, emotional, loving, idealistic and changeable. They are gifted with strong artistic sense making them different from the crowd. Last but not the least, people with Fire hand are enthusiastic, outgoing and creative. They are the owner of curious, impulsive and eager personality but may be impatient and changeable. These types of people are generous, intuitive and social.

Whether palmistry predicts the accurate future or not depicting the personality of any person is real fun. This is an interesting as well as unique way to learn about other and oneself.






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