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Over the many years that I have been consulting with a psychic medium and speaking with friends/family and others about my experience, a common concern is always raised. People say "I don't want to hear bad things" "I don't want to hear that I'm going to die". Over the past 6 years, I have never had a medium directly tell me that my Papa, Nan, friend or client was going to die. A good psychic medium will not only not tell you this information but they will more than likely not be given that information.


The psychic medium that I have been seeing for over 6 years is simply that. A medium. She receives the messages from my angels (passed over friends and relatives) and communicates them to me. A good medium who is bound by the "code of ethics" will never ever tell you someone is going to die or anything similar. I have had an experience in which my medium used a keyword, that at the time did not mean anything to me but once I received the news that my Papa had passed.. it all made sense. This did not bring my distress, but comfort in its own weird way.


So please do not be afraid to consult with a psychic medium if you wish to get some assistance with your journey. I would also suggest that if you are not comfortable with your choice of mediums or you feel that they are breaking the 'code of ethics'... end the session.


Love and light


Gypsy Jane





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