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  1. There are many different ways of reading Tarot cards with many people using what is called a 'reverasal' to read in effect a different meaning to the card than its face value. For example some common Tarot card reversal readings include:
  2. - A block in the upright energy of the card (ie something happening in the person's life blocking what is intended to happen)
    - A delay (ie what the card represents will happen at a later time in life's journey)
    - A subconscious wish or desire
    - A hidden or surreptitious energy
    - A weakened version of the upright meaning
  3. The opposite of the upright meaning (this is the method most often seen in books, however there are exceptions. Some cardshave similar meanings whether upright or reversed. Refer to the book for your deck when using this method to learn which cards it does not apply to).

There are many other methods for reading them as well. The use of reversals is not as prevalent as it once was. Many newer beginner books do not include them at all, however you must do what you feel most comfortable with. Arguments can be made for both sides. If you decide not to use them, bear in mind thateach card has a full spectrum of meanings. For example, the three of cups can mean merriment and celebration, but carried to excess could mean drunkenness, or excessive partying.






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