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Most Tarot Card readers do some type of centering exercise before doing a reading. These exercises can be elaborate or very simple. The method I use is in the latter category.
Before doing a reading I always shuffle the deck. While shuffling I ask God/Goddess to guide my words and allow me to assist the querent (or myself). Some people like to create an atmosphere by lighting candles, burning incense or doing a short meditation
before reading. Whatever your belief system, it is best to approach the cards from a feeling of calm, rather than in a harried, distracted way.

Pray, cast a circle, invoke the God/Goddess, meditate, do deep breathing exercises, or do whatever it is you do to get in touch with your center.
Find out more about Tarot and reading the cards in the DISCOVER section of the website.

In 1994 Dr Masaru Emoto stunned the world by placing water in glasses with different words on the glass or plahying different types of music in rooms with different glasses.  When viewing the water crystals in each glass an amazing thing happened.  Those glasses with positive words or positive music photographed as beautiful patterns whilst those with the negativity looked awful in comparisson.
Considering the human body is about 60% water this experiment shows quite dramatically the power of having positivity in our lives in both a conscious and subconscious level.
As a result the VISUALISE section of this website is dedicated to positive and beautiful imagery and quotes to inspire the soul.
Have a look at the video in this blog to see more of Dr Emoto's Water Crystals experiment.

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