Palm Reading Basics


Palm Reading Basics - Unlocking Palm Secrets



Palmistry is an art and is a science. There are many beliefs and superstitious norms that prevail in this world. There are so many things that the human civilization chooses to believe as per their wills and 
wishes. Palmistry is the intricate science and art that takes one to the predictions and the foretelling of 
what is going to happen in the future. In this book, it is our endeavor to take you to a journey of values and 
fallacies so that you choose for yourself whether or not to believe in the art of palmistry.


The palm is the index of a person’s past present and future. It is an age old art and is also known as 
Chiromancy. It is an art that has prevailed in the human civilization since times immemorial. There are so 
many cultures all across the globe who has determined the fate of many depending on what the palm of the 
person has to say. There are religious beliefs that have been involved with the art of palm reading. There 
are many who believe in it.


Each line across the palm of a person has a meaning according to palmistry. Truths and myths about the 
past, the present and the future of the person are hidden in the lines of the hands of a person. There are 
things like love, marriage, money, education, life span and travel that are usually disclosed in the palms. 
There are other things the hands might tell as well. There might be warnings of mishappenings in the future 
that the lines of your hand might be able to foretell. There can be a fair amount of character analysis done 
on the basis of the readings of the hand. There are many who religiously go to palm readers from time to 
time to get solutions for the troubles that prevail in their lives. There may not be too many options they 
leave you with.


There is a lot of criticism that it has received from many of the scientists who choose to believe otherwise. 
They have proclaimed the palm readers to be a sort of cold readers and this makes them psychic. There are not too many evidences to support the authenticity of this art. Nevertheless, there are many shocking and exciting facts about this art and many mysteries yet to unravel, read on…



General Understanding of the Whole Hand


The entire hand of the person has significance when it comes to palm reading. Each curve and fold and crease has its own story to tell. The hand, according to palm reading is made of different temperaments or elements that rule the happenings of a person’s life. There are so many rules and norms that are followed when there are predictions about a person. Qualities that the palm has like the color, the texture, the shape, the size and the prominence of the knuckles are an important point. Besides this the size and shape of the fingers and the fingernails are a very contributing factor in the art of Chiromancy. These attributes are a deciding factor and can determine a lot of things in the art of palm reading. The elements that govern the hands basically are Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Each has a different interpretation.


The hands that are ruled by Earth are usually said to be broad hands that are usually square shaped. They 
have ruddy and coarse skin. The length of the wrist to the end of the fingers is usually equal to the length 
of the fingers. Those palms that are ruled by Air usually have sort of rectangular or square palms that 
have long fingers. They also tend to have knuckles that protrude and have low set thumbs. They usually have dry skin. The hands that are ruled by fire tend to have short fingers. They have flushed hands. They have square to rectangular palms. Their length from the wrist to the end of the palm is usually smaller than 
the length of the fingers. The palms that are ruled by water shall have short and stout alms. They have 
sometimes oval shaped hands. They have likewise different traits as well. 


The purpose of these temperaments is that these have a control over the traits in the nature of a person. A 
person that is controlled by fire might have the traits like ambition, creativity and energy. Those that are 
ruled by water might tend to have traits like cool nature and a relaxed attitude. There are basic lines 
like the head line, the heart line, the life line that tell the person about the future and the present 
happenings of life. A detailed study of these lines shall be continued on the next page.


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