Palmistry - Lines, Fingers and Mounts


Palm Reading - Major and Minor Lines, Fingers and Fingernails and Major and Minor Mounts




Understanding Major and Minor Lines


There are three major lines that occur in the palms. The Heart line is the one that is visible in the top 
part of the palm. It is one of the most essential and important and one of the prime lines that is examined 
by the reader. This line starts from the top of the palm between the fingers and goes up to the edge of the 


This is supposed to be a very supreme line that can predict about the emotional stability, the romantic 
prospective, stoicism and the depression in the life of a person. It has many predictions based on its mere 
shape and length. It is also basically known as the heart line because it has the power to indicate about a 
person’s heart health. Another important line is the head line. The start of this line is from the edge of 
the palm and goes up to the index finger and then extends towards the outside edge of the hand. This line 
is often connected to the life line. The head line is usually beneficial for the predictions such as the skill and the talent of a person. It indicates the intellectualism, the style of communication and the style of learning that a person has. This is the line that shows how the reasoning power of the person is. This is the line that predicts about the cerebral personality of a person. 


Then is the line that is supposed to be the one that surrounds a lot of contradictive ideas and a lot of 
controversies. This is the life line. The positioning of this line is from the edge of the palm towards the 
thumb. It then goes towards the wrist. This is the line that is supposed to indicate the vigor and the zest of 
the person. It is a line that is useful for the prediction of the well being and the physical health of the person.  This line is supposed to reflect the changes that occur in the lives of a person.


It might also be an indication for the occurrence of events, injuries and the calamities. Though the name 
suggests so, the life line is not essentially an indication of the length of the life of an individual. You shall study about what the fingers of a person have to say below...





Identifying with Fingers - Their

Shape, Size and Fingernails



Like the hand and the palm of the person, the fingers also have an important role in the art of palmistry. There are so many mysteries that are unraveled by the mere size, shape and the fingernails of the fingers. There are a lot of qualities of a person that are decided with the help of the fingers. Many traits of a person can be found out from the fingers and the  nails. If a person tends to have stout sand short fingers, he/she are practical in their approach towards life. 



This sort of a person would like to go by the gut 
feeling when it comes to the task of making a decision in life. If the hands are in proportion, the person shall tend to be balanced in the nature. Besides this, the fingers each have a different trait to control. The forefinger of an individual indicates the ego and the ambition, the confidence and the driving force of a person. The middle finger is the one that indicates the balance and the discipline in the life of a  person. The ring finger is the one that tells about the creativity and the emotional expression of a person. The little finger is meant for the communication of the person. There are so many reasoning that the fingers denote. 



For instance, if the little finger of a person stands 
out of the rest of the hand, then it is the indication 
of the person’s independent and candid nature. A person tends to have blocked emotions if the ring finger does not tend to reach above the bottom of the nail of the middle finger. If the middle finger of a person tends to stand out from the rest of the hand, this is an indication of the serious and intense nature of the person. The person is supposed to be extremely creative and emotional when the ring finger reaches past the bottom of the middle finger. 



There is a lot secret that can be uncovered with the 
rings that a person wears on the fingers. They are a 
sign of protection and a guard for the sake of 
emotional well being of a person. There are things that can be inferred from the finger in which a person  wears a ring. The signs on fingers are also a very essential factor that contributes towards the predictions. Find out more about the importance of mounts  to the right… 

Do Mounts Indicate Anything? What are Major and Minor Mounts?


Mounts have an exceptional significance in the 
palmistry because these are the basis to form different lines. You can understand the importance of  these mounts from their names as they resemble various planets. Planets are very prominent in the horoscope so they are in the palm. The mounts indicate the kind of personality you possess or describe various personality traits. Mounts are developed and fleshy part of the inner palm revealing  the secrets of mental as well as physical characteristics of an individual. 


There are total seven mounts namely: Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Moon and Sun. Each mount signifies something different and play unique role in the palm reading. The Saturn Mount indicates the growth of some extra-ordinary tendencies. A fully  developed mount suggests a person is highly fortunate and able to reach sky scraping heights. These persons are suspicious and irritable in nature and usually neglect their family. The Venus mount indicates civilized and beautiful people with prosperous health and high ability to influence others.  The absenteeism of this mount represents a life full of miseries and troubles. A fully developed Jupiter mount symbolizes the godly qualities in an individual.  They are self-dependent and capable enough to change others in their favor and are very religious. An over developed mount indicates proud, selfish and  self willed person. 


The mercury mount symbolizes materialistic prosperity whereas the Mars Mount represents war. It  is divided into Regressive Mars and Progressive Mars  and its presence indicates courage, frank and fearless behavior. The Moon mount correspond to imagination, emotions and beauty affection of an individual. The mount of Apollo or Sun is an indicator of success you achieve in your life. A prominent Sun mount indicates name and fame whereas its absence is an indicator of foolish fellow and dull-mind. 


The Major and Minor Mounts act as recoding events, 
registers and suggest the probable results of your 
decisions and actions. Major mounts provide some basic information regarding the physical functionality, emotional functionality and  intellectuality. These mounts are basic source of information for palmists to understand the present and predicting the future. Apart from major Mounts, there are certain Minor Mounts that are considered to  analyze the palm in detail. 


Mounts present in your palms indicate lots of things 
and each major as well as minor mount has significant role in palmistry. They are vital parameters to discover the past, understand the present and predicting the future. These are the best indicators of Person’s temperament and personality.


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