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Major Arcana Trump Cards VI - X




VI The Lovers - Consciousness Manifested


The Lovers represents the exchange of qualities and the discovery of potential, the learning, inherent in all  interactions. In the majority of depictions of The Lovers, there is not only a couple, but a figure above them, a Higher Power observing and guiding the relationship. This figure symbolizes the need to 
share a common vision and purpose if the union is to last beyond the initial stages of dazzling attraction.

Though this card is titled The Lovers, it has also been called The Brothers, emphasizing the interaction aspect of the symbol; and the interaction aspect of learning. Whether in romance or in friendship, we are  changed by our companions. We can all testify that our lovers teach us our deepest lessons and summon our most difficult transformations. Love makes us 
bleed after it brings us to ecstasy. Cupid, or Eros, depicted above the Higher Power figure in the Thoth deck, shoots his elixir-tipped arrow into our hearts and pinions us to the crucifix of love's education. So it is too with close friends, and with our social circle of acquaintances. We are attracted, we seem to 

share interests in common, everything is tra-la fine and cheery at first. Then the familiarity begins and we have to deal with others' foibles, jealousies and fears, which of course evoke our own; and there we are, no more commonality, clinking glasses and light conversation. Instead we're exchanging cold glances 
or barbed comments and finding too many faults.


We're mirrors for each other, and when the mirror cracks, we get cut, we bleed, we see a distorted image of ourselves. If we're interested in understanding, we use the distorted view to 
investigate self and psyche. We tend the cut. And sometimes we throw out the broken mirror and get a new one. That's the way of love and friendship and all  interaction among humans: "For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning" (The Prophet, by 
Kahlil Gibran, Alfred A Knopf).


The founder of the Theosophical Society, Madame Blavatsky, posited that the mutable astrological signs, being the communicators of the zodiac, held the key to how we humans evolve: through interaction and communication, rather than thru books and instruction. The first of the four mutable signs, Gemini, the messenger, is associated with The Lovers. And the message The Lovers is delivering is this: love is not just for hugs, kisses and  orgasms: it's for knowing and growing yourself 
through the other.


When The Lovers card is chosen, it's telling you to go out into the milling throng and interact, bleed a little, get your buttons pushed, push some yourself. If indeed love with a significant other is happening, look  at the purpose of your relationship, know it as a you-unfolding experience. And be sure to consider 
what vision and purpose you share, because after the  erotica cools down and the bills start nagging, that shared vision will be the only doorway to a future together.


VII The Chariot - Initiation Across the Abyss


Put on your galoshes and overcoat, get a tune-up, get centered, you're going to march into hell for your heavenly cause. That's the message the Chariot brings.

Life is about carrying your Holy Grail, your best-beloved projects and aspirations into completion. Therefore, focus the fire of your life energy and the nurture of your love on the purpose at hand. Bring your desire-nature into alignment with that purpose so your thoughts are not scattered in fantasies of romance, hankerings for a drink or the inclination to  watch TV. Gather your desires around your goal so they can be the horses that pull you ever onward to the chosen destination. This is the meaning of the 
unreigned beasts you always see in depictions of the Chariot card: they are your desires, unrestrained because you have concentrated them completely on the road being traveled, on the 

Career? Yes, hear how well career joins with the Chariot: the word comes from the Old French carriere, racecourse, from Old Provencal carriera, street, from Medieval Latin (via) carraria, (road) for  carts, from Latin carrus, a Gallic type of wagon. The root is kers- to run.


When the Chariot rolls your way, the message is: life's a bitch, the racecourse is potholed, and you are the vehicle -- get it ready! It's association with the astrological sign Cancer, the Crab, amplifies the message. The crab carries it's soft, vulnerable body inside the chariot of its hard shell, protecting itself from the bashings of storm and predators. Way of the world: wear your helmet!



VIII Lust / Strength - The Edge of the Abyss


Note: Strength was the original name for this card but some mystics such as Crowley changed the names of several cards. Crowley felt that Strength did not fully express the joy inherent in the  card's meaning. Indeed, whereas lust is rooted in eagerness, strength relates mainly to being physically powerful.


Ride your lion, make your life ecstasy -- that's the message Lust brings. The right use of Ego is the instruction it offers. Lust and Ego, two concepts despised in spiritual circles and abused in everyday living. Two experiences we cannot live fully without,  however.


This is not the lust of sexual passion. This is the lust  for life, the second meaning of lust, which the dictionary describes as "Intense eagerness or enthusiasm."  The root of the word lust, las-, means  to be eager. Are you eager to get up each morning and go to work? No? Then your work is not enough 
of an expression of your uniqueness to make you eager to do it. You're not riding your ego lion.


The root of ego, eg, simply means "I." Ego is defined as "The self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves." Ego is the vehicle by which you make yourself known and effective. Expressing your distinctiveness in all you do stimulates a constant interest in, a lust for, life; and for fine 

tuning your unique talents. Without the vehicle, the lion, of ego, you go nowhere. But, who's driving that  vehicle, who's riding the lion? Too often in human history the ego has been driven by intellect alone, with no grace from Spirit. Spirit? What's that?


There are so many names for Spirit, and even more  dogmas and meanings put to those names, that we've each begun to find our own title for the underlying experience these names describe. What I  mean by Spirit is the Intelligence within and 
composing everything, from quark to star. As I see it, that Intelligence become conscious through us, experiences through us, expresses through us. That Intelligence, Spirit, uses our talents to create yet again: a ballet, a poem, a computer, a bridge, a community. This Intelligence, Spirit, seeks to be our Muse. When we listen and let Spirit be the rider of our lion, we experience the right use of ego and life. Lust represents the eagerness this partnership of ego and Spirit brings, the delight in expressing uniqueness, the joy in dedication to the Spirit of Life.


Not surprisingly, Lust is associated astrologically with Leo, the sign of ego and self expression. As well as being the artist, Leo is often seen as the patron of the arts: the director of the museum, the producer of the film, the financial backer of the 
show. There is an old Hindu chant about the Sun, the ruler of Leo, that roughly translated means: "Let  me be like the sun, shining on all things to assist their growth, not burning so hot they are scorched." This is the motivation of Leo as the the patron of the arts, working with a lust that's dedicated to 
nurturing uniqueness in everyone.


When Lust shows its face to you, you're receiving a message to do your own thing, to appreciate your talents and ride them into life, to dedicate your existence to your truest expression. Whether a patron, a politician or an artist, love your uniqueness, don't whip it down because it's too wild and strong for the culture. Entertain them with your eccentricity, make 'em smile and applaud: ride your  ego lion, and let Life Spirit hold the reins!



IX The Hermit - The Means of Knowing the Existence of           Primordial Wisdom


The Hermit symbolizes introspection, shining the light of consciousness into the deepest aspects of oneself; knowing self, healing self, and then helping others do the same.

One of the mystical descriptions given to The Hermit  is Sexual Love, a strange correlation for the hermit, "A person who has withdrawn from society and lives a solitary existence; a recluse." But this is the sexual love of microcosm and macrocosm, of spirit and matter that sages and seekers 
throughout time have gone alone into the desert to find. [Hermit....from Greek eremia, desert, from eremos, solitary]. The "sexual love" of The Hermit illustrates the fruitfulness of introspection, the fecundation that results when you unite with Spirit and let It move freely through you. This is a marriage that you seal by tallying the dowry of talents and tendencies you bring to it, and by aligning them with Purpose, the offspring of your joining with Spirit.


Such Purpose acts as a guiding light to all with whom you come in contact. It also requires your constant nurture. This is the significance of Cerberus, the three-headed Hound of Hell, nipping at the heels of The Hermit. Whether dancing the 
tango, touring Disneyland or being stuck in rush hour traffic, introspection is active, noticing and clearing your petty devils. The Hermit shows by example that Spirit doesn't get lost in the shopping malls.


Virgo is the part of the zodiac assigned to The Hermit. Virgo is associated with the traits of analysis and practicality, two characteristics that easily turn into their shadows, criticism and stinginess! Serve or suffer is an old astrological rule of conduct for Virgo. When critiquing is rampant, serve: find the way to cure what is criticized. Serve the Purpose: support it with what is  saved by penny-pinching. Otherwise, body and mind shrivel into sickness; they suffer. Virgo turns ill-will into disease.


When The Hermit faces you, the message is: shine the light of your mind into the deepest recesses of your soul and psyche, recognize your talents and purpose and align yourself with them. Examine the tendencies that block your action and analyze the ways of redirecting them. Acknowledge your 
connection to the Electrons and Molecules within and  all around you. Ask yourself: if your soul were poised on the brink of entering life, what would you decide you wanted to do with this new existence?



X Fortune (Wheel of Fortune) - Riches / Poverty


The wheel of Fortune goes spinning around, the old country western song told us. Fortune, as this card is named, represents the constant flux and flow, waxing and waning of the rhythms of existence. This  week you're up and optimistic, next week you're 
down in a funk, this year you're in love, next you're divorced, this decade you've got money, next you're  using food stamps. You might say that the wheel of Fortune is civilization's biorhythm. From one season to another, hems go from thigh to ankle, hair from shoulder to mohawk, politics from conservative to liberal, international relations from peaceful to warring. So how is a person to cope with all this spinning around? Grab on to the golden cord that connects you to your eternal roots. Chant om, om , I love change (to the tune of "Home Home on the Range"). Laugh.

Jovial Jupiter is Fortune's associate, so humor in the  midst of the turning of the wheel of Life and Fortune is definitely advised. Jupiter is also the purveyor of wisdom. It rules the realm of 
philosophy and religion, and in Hindu astrology is called the Guru planet. Chanting, omming, visualization, all are helpful when the wheel is spinning a new web for your experience.


When the wheel of Fortune shows it's face to you, know that it's time for your night to turn to day, for your poverty to turn to riches, for your laziness to turn to ambition, for your solitude to turn to companionship. The wheel of Fortune's appearance 
alerts you to the need to spin your Self a new web.


An effective way to ponder the changes Fortune brings is to create a consideration circle. You may already have your own method for casting such a circle, but if you don't, the basics are as follows. Pick a calm and special place. Light some candles 
and incense, hold a favorite stone or crystal. Acknowledge the spirits of each direction -- North, South, East, West -- and call on them to aid and protect your sacred circle of space. Once the circle is so cast, you can meditate in it, or chant, or pray or whatever you feel called upon to do in contemplating how to spin the wheel of your Fortune.


Fortune means chance; chance at the root means to fall. Don't put your future in the hands of blind chance, the wheel of Fortune reminds you: visualize where you want the turn of the wheel to take you -- or at least where the pillow needs to be to cushion your fall!





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