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Major Arcana Trump Cards XVI - XXI


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XVI The Tower - Chaos, Crisis,      

       Hard Times


The Tower represents sudden change. This is not a natural gradual change like Death, but a cataclysmic change which we are often unprepared for.


Most decks illustrate this card with a Tower being struck by lightening, with people falling from it.

When you get this card you can expect events to happen quickly, usually to fast for you to do anything about them.

Often associated with loss, this card can signal a change in livelihood or lifestyle, a change in beliefs changes from nature (natural disasters).


My mother always says "everything happens for the best". The changes brought about by the Tower are usually uncomfortable and unsettling, but they are survivable and will make us stronger.


The lightening, burns off what is not essential, forcing  us to make a fresh start. I always believe that the changes caused by the Tower are in some way necessary to our growth. In the long term they help us, even though it doesn't feel that way when they are happening.


The planet associated with the Tower is Mars (energy, action, self assertion, heat, violence), the color scarlet red, the musical note C.






XVII The Star - Calmness,        

         Tranquility, Peace of Mind


The Star is usually viewed as a positive card in any position in any spread.


The Star is a card of hope, renewal and inspiration.

In most decks this card shows a woman at the edge of a body of water with a pitcher. There is usually a large star or group of stars in the background.


She always looks serene and peaceful. It signifies good health, serenity and peace. It can also represent spiritual enlightenment.  It is the light at the end of the tunnel. 


When you get this card in a reading it means a period of optimism and well being. It is a card of looking to the future.

The sign associated with the Star is Aquarius (new ideas, personal freedom, unconventionality), the color violet and the musical note A#.




XVIII The Moon - Doubt,  

          Confusion, Deception


The Moon represents mystery, the subconscious, the  unknown, intuition and dreams.


In many decks this card depicts a night scene with two towers, two dogs, a lobster climbing out of the 
ocean, and of course the Moon.


Many people feel the Moon is a somewhat sinister or negative card, but I prefer to interpret it as getting in touch with your deepest self, facing 
your fears and exploring the unknown.


Many of us tend to shy away from our subconscious.  We are frightened of what we might find there.


When we have what we perceive as "negative" 
thoughts we try to push them back down under the surface into the subconscious. Perhaps we should examine them before we shut them away. Try to determine why we think these thoughts and what they might mean.


When you get the Moon in a reading it can indicate that you are ready to explore the hidden aspects of yourself. You can face your fears and examine them.


This card can indicate developing your intuitive or psychic powers, exploring your dreams or fantasies,  and exploring psychic realms by means of O.B.E., channeling, past life regression or other means.


This card can indicate a highly emotional period when you may feel as if you are being pushed or pulled against your will. Some interpret it as deception or disillusionment as well.


The sign associated with The Moon is Pisces (perceptive, imaginative, unworldly), the color red- violet and the musical note B.





XIX The Sun - Optimism,

       Assurance, Brilliance


The Sun represents success, wholeness, joy, warmth, perfection.

This card often depicts a scene with a child or children. They are usually laughing and there is a large sun in the background.

This card usually signifies the beginnings of a period  of happiness and good fortune.


The Sun is associated with the astrological Sun (energy, power, life), the color orange and the musical note D.




XX Judgement - Rebirth, Restart,



Judgment represents resurrection, choosing a new direction, a judgment of some type (legal decision, arbitration), repentance, apology, and possibly criticism.


This card is often depicted with an Angel blowing his  trumpet and the dead rising from the ground below him, reminiscent of "the last judgment".

When you get this card in a reading it can indicate that a decision has been made or a course of action has been decided upon.


It could indicate that you have decided to make a 
commitment to change, to repent or to right wrongs which you have committed or which have been committed against you.

The planet associated with Judgment is Pluto (transformation, changes, the underworld, mysteries of life), the color red and the  musical note C.




XXI The World - Fulfillment,

       Accomplishment, Success


The World represents the closing of a chapter and the start of a new one, completion, victory over obstacles, freedom, and infinite potential.


This card is usually depicted as a woman dancing joyously in a wreath of some sort.


When you get this card in a reading it indicates that everything is falling into place for you, things will come to a successful conclusion and end on a positive note.


The planet associate with The World is Saturn (loyalty, self discipline, hard work), the color blue- violet and the musical note A.






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