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PAGES / JACKS - Tarot Card Interpretation


  • Page of Wands - Active, energetic, enthusiastic, playful and passionate.


  • Page of Cups - Affectionate, dreamy, intuitive, sweet.


  • Page of Swords - quick witted, takes risks, sometimes brooding or thoughtless.


  • Page of Pentacles - Practical, thrifty, wise for age, physical.


Pages are considered the children or young people of the deck. They have many characteristics in common with The Fool. They are inquisitive, impulsive, playful and eager to learn.


They indicate a person who has these characteristics regardless of age or sex.


In readings it can be interpreted as a need to utilize these qualities (instead of being for example an overly serious personality). It is possible to then expand on that meaning by applying the qualities of the suit and their position in the spread.


Mary Greer in "Tarot for yourself" says "Pages signal the need to look into a matter - to study it, to be open to messages or new ways and ideas. They act as catalysts for change".

Gail Fairfield in "Choice Centered Tarot" associates Pages with risk taking. "With pages you are setting out to take the risks that you've contemplated or avoided in the tens...you have all the experiences of the ace through ten behind you, so your risk is a
calculated one, but there are no guarantees!"

Most authors attribute Pages to the element of earth, so they have the attributes of that element as well.


Angeles Arrien in "The Tarot Handbook" says "..the Princess (page) of any suit indicate(s) consciousness that is centered and in the process of  deepening... the suit will indicate where the processes of centering and deepening are occurring."


Carl Japiske in "Exploring the Tarot" says the court cards are "the 4 faces of the minor Arcana and they represent the different stages of maturity the aspirant or The Fool attains as he learns the lessons of the path. The Page represents the novice in working with the energy of the suit. He is the student, the learner, and cannot be trusted with any responsibility.


Whenever the Page appears in a layout it is an indication of immaturity and the need to grow in understanding and expertise."


Several mystics state that the Page means a message, phone call or some other type of communication. Most agree that it is a
young person as well.



KNIGHTS - Tarot Card Interpretation

  • Knight of Wands - Searching, spiritual, enthusiastic.


  • Knight of Cups - Romantic, sensitive, caring, moody jealous.


  • Knight of Swords - Aggressive, communicative, interested in ideas and their expression.


  • Knight of Pentacles - Secure, stable, reliable, patient.


To many mystics the Knights are the querents peers. They are seekers on a quest which can be interpreted to be finding their place in the great
scheme of things, therefore they are like most of us, who are on the same quest.


Richard Gordon in "The Intuitive Tarot" states that "court cards represent an individuals level of awareness, or their age (child, adolescent, or adult)...(knights) represent the period of trying out new ideas while still making quite a few mistakes, just as
adolescents do in their attempt to master

Rosemary Guilley in "The Mystical Tarot" says that "court cards reflect the influence of aspects of personality in our lives - either from ourselves or other people:...Knight: Energy, Drive".

Paul Foster Case in "The Tarot" says that "Knights sometimes represent the coming or going of a matter, depending on which direction they face."


Mueller and Echols in "The Lovers Tarot" state "As warriors, the knights symbolize strength, service, mobility, courage, victory with honor, and acting as champions for high ideals. Always ready to do battle with the forces to be overcome, knights suggest action, sometimes hasty (knight of swords) which will need to be tempered with with prudence or caution. Both men and women can make good use of the constructive forces symbolized by their knight cards."


Knights are associated with fire or air depending upon the mystic.



QUEENS - Tarot Card Interpretation


  • Queen of Wands - Self confident, powerful, generous, quick tempered.


  • Queen of Cups - Nurturing, psychic, emotional, empathetic.


  • Queen of Swords - Articulate, critical, aloof, distant.


  • Queen of Pentacles - Practical, trustworthy, earthy, comforting.


Queens are women who wield some power over
the querent, whether positional or emotional. The Queens and Kings can be seen as very similar, though Queens are more subtle in their power.


Men can be Queens and woman can be Kings
depending on how they use and wield their power.


Gareth Knight in "The Magical World of the Tarot" states that "The Queens and Kings may represent older people according to sex, but this is by no means universal...they represent people in
established positions of authority, but this may well be in the totally domestic context of father or mother - or indeed something that takes the place of father or mother. It could be a company, committee, social worker or peer group."


Pamela Eakins in "Tarot of the Spirit" says "...all Mothers (Queens) are related to the element of water. Regardless of the suit in which they appear, although they are conditioned or refined by the attributes of that suit, it can be said that all
Mothers personify the qualities of emotion and
understanding. The Mothers in their exalted state are receptive, loving, and nurturing."


Eden Gray in "The Tarot Revealed" states "In readings, the King often symbolizes the spirit; the Queen, the soul; the Knight, the ego; and the Page, the body." In "Mastering the Tarot" she uses the physical charecteristics method and says they are people.  In "Voyager Tarot, Way of the Great Oracle"

he has the following correspondences:

  • Woman of Crystals (swords) - The Priestess, Justice

  • Woman of Cups - The Moon, The Star

  • Woman of Worlds (disks) - The Empress

  • Woman of Wands - The Priestess, Strength


He states "the Woman cards are the human expressions of their archetypical seeds, which are symbolized by the Major Arcana Archetypes."




KINGS - Tarot Card Interpretation


  • King of Wands - Forceful, domineering, risk taker,creative, sets high goals.


  • King of Cups - Romantic, charming, fun, sensitive.


  • King of Swords - Analytical, intellectual, ruthless.


  • King of Pentacles - Down to earth. sensual, secure,stubborn.


Kings are similar to Queens in that they represent someone with power over the querent. They are different in that they manifest the characteristics of their suits in a stronger, more raw manner. They can be excessive, or heavy handed where the Queen is usually more balanced and reserved.


Richard Gorden in "Intuitive Tarot" states that "Kings representa great deal of awareness, combined with an assertive nature, or an adult man.


"Sharman-Burke and Green in "The Mythic Tarot" writes "Kings in all four suits are images of the dynamic, outgoing, directive qualities of the particular suit. These powerful masculine figures represent the full use of the energies of this sphere of life in building and concretizing in the outer world."


Mary Greer in "Tarot Constellations says"...(court cards) primarily represent the roles, masks or subpersonalities we wear as our "identities" in life....The kings demonstrate their talents, which are outer and public. They seem confident of their
expertise and secure in their positions. As a king
you administer, judge, take charge and handle your affairs competently. You establish procedures and build empires.


Kings show where you have developed mastery, but also where you can be inflexible, and where you think you have nothing more to learn. Kings are much like the Emperor. They are usually related to the element air, but may be considered fire by




































































































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