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Its official, Mercury has gone retrograde and with it comes the possibility of technical communication break downs, misunderstandings, mental sluggishness and travel interferences. Mercury rules communication, and though it doesn’t rule the mind it certainly uses the mind as tool for communication.

In Roman mythology Mercury was a major god controlling financial gain, commerce, travelers, luck, boundaries and trickery. Our contemporary definitions of the planet Mercury come from the ancient mythology of Egypt, Roman and Greek cultures.

Astrology is the study and understanding of the cosmos and its influence in our daily lives. Just as the moon pulls the tides, every planet has an energetic correlation and influence in our lives. What is happening in the cosmos is also occurring within our lives as well. As within so without.

The current Mercury Retrograde season, like every one before it, will offer us the opportunity to review the past several months of our lives, with the intention to course correct, release and reboot. Mercury will be retrograding through the sign of Taurus, a fixed earth sign and Aries, a cardinal fire sign.

What does Mercury Retrograde in Taurus mean?

When Mercury goes retrograde it means we slow down, become more mindful and allow ourselves to recuperate from the accomplishments, stresses and progress of the last quarter of our lives. Mercury retrograding in Taurus, asks us to re-look at our spending habits, how we think and feel about our surroundings and ourselves. And because Taurus is a fixed earth sign, bullish by nature and slow to move, Mercury retrograde will surely impact our material world, the things we use daily and need to feel comfortable and secure in our homes. Oh did I say money? This retrograde season will surely effect influence on our relationship with money and how money impacts how we feel about ourselves.

When Mercury returns to Aries, the energy and intensity will shift from the slow, methodical and deliberate Taurus, to an enthusiastic, hasty, passionate, independent energy of Aries. Aries is the sign that begins the western astrological chart, so you can anticipate delays in new projects, ideas and efforts, which will dampen that Aries fire.

The best way to understand how Mercury Retrograde is relevant to each and every person in unique ways on the planet is to recognize that communication is a cornerstone of everyone’s life. We are beings who rely on our ability and need to communicate in order to survive and thrive. Communication is a function of our mind power which influences our thinking and feelings. When Mercury is in retrograde, our mind can be slower and our communication less effective and clear. And this is why many astrologers suggest waiting until the retrograde is over before signing contracts, starting new jobs or projects. It’s a long-standing feeling that when things begin during a Mercury Retrograde, it’s likely it will not be long lasting.

This belief has generated a great deal of fear for those who follow astrology closely. Therefore, me and my co-creator, Kelly Lynn Prime, designed the Mercury Retrograde Reset program to help participants harness this energy and use it toward flourishing rather than fear and chaos.

Our system instructs participants with daily astrological forecasting and offers tools such as affirmations, meditations, crystals, oils and personal readings to align with the energies. Once aligned with the energies it is easier to slow down, recollect and prepare. It has been my experience that retrogrades slow us down, but when they’re complete, they propel us forward dramatically further along than we were prior to the retrograde season. It’s three steps backward and nine steps forward. Knowing this little secret makes it easy to surrender and allow what needs to be released to go, because one can be assured that new life and new opportunities will be presented when the retrograde is over.

For more information follow us on Instagram @mercuryretrogradereset1 or on Facebook at Mercury Retrograde Reset. You may also email us directly at or visit our website at The days of doom and gloom with Mercury Retrograde are over. Come learn to flow and grow.

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