Do you want to know when you will meet your soul mate?

Do you want to know when the right time is to change your job or leave it to pursue your dreams?

Maybe when to start a family or move or when things will change for the better?

I'll answer it all for you right now!

You will meet your soul mate at exactly the time you are meant to meet them, most likely when you are not looking, not being so desperate and when you least expect it to happen... so get busy living life and stop waiting.

Keep expecting the best and visualize and write down what qualities you are looking for in your soul mate, but don't drive yourself bonkers, get out and do something constructive or fun, who knows you might bump into them!

You can change or leave your job at anytime you take the action required to do so. This is totally in your control. Yes, even if you have mortgages to pay or rent to pay, if you want it bad enough you can and will make it happen, if that is what you want to happen.

When is the right time to start a family? What is the right time? If you are seriously considering having children, what is the difference between three months and 12 months for example? My point is, you can and will make it all happen, when you want it to happen, if that is what you want to happen! Granted sometimes medical issues don't allow you to have a family naturally, and sometimes not at all, but I'm talking about your choice as to when to start.

When is the right time to move or where am I going to move? Anytime is the right time and anywhere you choose is the place. You can make anything happen.

When will things change for the better? When you decide they will. When you take the action and make the choice!

Visualize, believe, surrender, put into action.

It will all work out even if it doesn't, it will, just believe, don't stop living or stop making decisions or stop taking action because of fear... never give up!

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