Logy, low, and listless, at home with the flu, I thought about ways to brighten my day. I realized, that though my drapes were drawn, and my room was dark, the sun outside was shining. I reflected on the ways I normally started each day, including listening to baroque music, meditating, and doing Qigong. So, I opened my drapes, put on my baroque music, and meditated; within an hour, I felt better.

I wasn’t well enough to do too many Qigong poses. But, because Qigong is subtle, I could practice the more gentle ones. After breakfast, I popped back into bed with my trusty journal and a cup of warm, comforting tea, to write about my feelings - making sure to add all that I was grateful for, especially family and friends.

Here are the 11 tips that came from my introverted period:

Though these 11 tips can help you move up when you feel down, they are also the steps necessary for reflection and inner work.

The Wall

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