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Posted: Jan 30
It's a New Year and if you are open to finding a romantic love relationship, your horoscope could help you understand the kind of person who is most l... Read more: Astrology, Astrologer, Larry Schw...
Posted: Oct 27 '16
In the search to learn about ourselves, our personal horoscope may help explain our unusual behavior and even our sexual obsessions. Everyone seems to... Read more: Astrology, Astrologer, Horoscope,...
Posted: Sep 29 '16
Well, I think it goes without saying that NASA has just rocked everyone's worlds. But, probably for the better, right? I mean, it's not like things were really working all that smoothly before.
Posted: May 4 '16
In his song, That's Life, Frank Sinatra looks back on his life, and croons about who he might have been in a past life: I've been a puppet, a pauper,... Read more: Astrologer, Astrology, Past Liv...
Posted: Apr 8 '16
My own definition of a narcissist is -- a person who seems to constantly talk about themselves and how great they are. Then, when they are done talkin... Read more: Astrology, Astrologer, Horoscope,...
Posted: Mar 26 '16
What's your sign, baby?
Posted: Mar 25 '16
Many people look forward to their weekly horoscope, using their astrological sign predictions as a guide for what's to come. The genius behind astrolo... Read more: Astrology, Horoscope, Is Astrolo...
Posted: Feb 6 '16
From Feb. 8, 2016, the New Moon in Aquarius, until Jan 27, 2017, the next New Moon in Aquarius, we are all monkeys. Not only because that is what Darw... Read more: Year of the Monkey, Chinese Astro...
Posted: Jan 21 '16
Does someone's zodiac sign indicate what type of person they are? Or even what kind of employee they will be? I am a firm believer in astrology and ou... Read more: Zodiac Signs, Capricorn, Horoscop...
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