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Posted: Yesterday, 05:40
9 Important Traits for Activating your Ability to Thrive If there’s one resounding theme in life, it’s that change is certain
Posted: Jul 21
Friends, family and acquaintances described the 40-year-old Australian native as "a gift."
Posted: Jul 20
By the time I hit the frozen aisles, I’m ready for my mantras.
Posted: Jul 19
Creationist Ken Ham, the notorious owner of The Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum, has once again found a new way to
Posted: Jul 19
The model shared a video of herself walking publicly in clothing against Saudi law.
Posted: Jul 19
“I love you Kiki and I’m so happy that you got married."
Posted: Jul 18
Cross-posted with I was 12. It was 1956. I lived in New York City and was a youthful history buff. (I should
Posted: Jul 14
"It is time to stop cloaking your greed in religious language."
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