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Posted: Dec 30 '16
The world has changed drastically since the results of the November 8th election, and with it the psychotherapist's task. The focus on our personal li... Read more: World, Changed, Results, November...
Posted: Sep 7 '16
In personal life and professional practice, I have listened to people’s regrets about the past, and worries about what is
Posted: Jun 7 '16
Caffeine is not a bad thing, but if you rely on it too much, it will lose its performance-enhancing effect and put your body out of balance.
Posted: May 10 '16
You can take back the moment with a single, but special, exhale.
Posted: May 10 '16
When your mind is spinning, your heart is racing and the weight of the world decides to perch on your shoulders, one deep breath may be your saving gr... Read more: Breath, Breathing Exercises, Medi...
Posted: Apr 14 '16
In today's busy world, can you truly have time to master anything? You can if you start with an element as simple as your breath. Have you seen the... Read more: Breathing Exercises, Breathin...
Posted: Mar 29 '16
If you get anxious or stressed easily, the breathing exercise outlined above may be difficult at first. You're likely not used to taking slow, deep breaths and pausing in between breaths. Read more:...
Posted: Mar 10 '16
When you're trying your best to achieve your goals and follow your dreams, there will be obstacles that can get in your way. These obstacles can sometimes lead to stress and if that stress is allowed ...
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