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Posted: Mar 5 '15
So I began to meditate again. Quietly, without telling anyone in particular. In the winter morning dark, I come downstairs. I settle myself in the living room chair. And there, I breathe. In. Out. Wat...
Posted: Mar 4 '15
You might even be borderline obsessed with what this tells you as your phone and its wearable companions translate your life into trackable data. This is the core of the quantified self movement, and ...
Posted: Mar 3 '15
The Beatles were always changing and evolving, which is why growing up with them was such a rich experience. They were always doing something new. As George Martin said recently, "They would always wa...
Posted: Mar 3 '15
Neither one of us are particularly religious, this tattoo and I. We are decided works in progress -- raw still, easily irritated, gloriously incomplete. Both of us. Lumped together like that, our flaw...
Posted: Oct 15 '12
I shot this video in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Join me for this one-minute Power Living Mini-Escape. To capture its power, say it out loud. Read more: Daily Affirmation, Meditation, GPS for the Soul, Pe...
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