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Posted: Apr 4 '17
All you need is your phone and an open mind.
Posted: Mar 17 '17
The Question: I experience depression and anxiety. Will meditation really help me? The Answer: Depression and anxiety can make everyday life very c... Read more: Psychology, Spirituality, Depr...
Posted: Mar 1 '17
Socrates once said, “The soul, like the body, accepts by practice whatever habit one wishes it to contact.” You are what you put energy into. If y... Read more: Meditation, Exercise, Wellness, Pilat...
Posted: Feb 14 '17
What are some habits that are good to get into? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered b... Read more: Mental Health, Life Advice, Life,...
Posted: Feb 4 '17
Friends have asked me about my thoughts regarding the current political climate and social divisiveness. The question is how to understand today's dif... Read more: Politics, Adversity, Divisiveness...
Posted: Jan 31 '17
It is not news that stress is taking a serious toll on adults. But what about the demands on our kids? If they are fortunate enough to be in the 80%... Read more: Kids, Raising Children, Meditat...
Posted: Jan 25 '17
There is an old saying that if you never have a quarrel in a marriage then the first time can end in divorce. So the good news is it's ok to have litt... Read more: Anger, Grief, Forgiveness, Medita...
Posted: Jan 25 '17
January is the month for intentions/goals! And bringing them to completion involves a clear, achievable outcome and specific action steps. The key ... Read more: Productivity, Finishing, Getting...
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