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Posted: Nov 24 '16
In our early years, love is like a shroud that wraps us up. It is our primal experience. As we age, especially during puberty, we shrink from love a l... Read more: Love, Bible, Dalai Lama, Good New...
Posted: Nov 23 '16
Tibetan Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama said on Wednesday that he has “no worries” about the election of a misogynistic, xenophobic, and Islamophob... Read more: Donald Trump, 2016 Election, Buddhism...
Posted: Nov 10 '16
Compassion naturally creates a positive atmosphere, and as a result you feel peaceful and content. Read more: Life of Pi, Dalai Lama, Seven Years in Tibet, World War II, Grandparent Lessons, Grandch...
Posted: Nov 5 '16
In 1963, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduced Marvel's Doctor Strange, a "different kind of superhero" who practiced Occultism and held quasi-Buddhist... Read more: Doctor Strange, Tibet, Tibetan Bud...
Posted: Oct 28 '16
"We love dogs, but we eat pigs and wear cows. Why?"
Posted: Oct 28 '16
"We love dogs, but we eat pigs and wear cows. Why?"
Posted: Oct 24 '16
Tibet is a place, tucked high up on the northern side of the Himalayas shrouded in mystery. Few people I know have travelled to Tibet and few are fa... Read more: Tibet, Lhasa, Travel Tibet, Tib...
Posted: Oct 13 '16
The word guru gets thrown around a lot these days. There are tech gurus and tax gurus and gurus for restoring old barns. In Sanskrit, the word guru me... Read more: Buddhism, Guru, Lama, Tibetan Bud...
Posted: Oct 6 '16
"Apparel oft proclaims the man." --Polonius to Laertes, Hamlet It may be that both the burka and the bikini were devised by men as solutions to a m... Read more: Fashion Design, Fashion, Fashion ...
Posted: Sep 29 '16
Since the Vietnam War, our way of thinking has changed. More and more people now publicly oppose war; we saw this opposition to war in Kosovo, in Iraq. Many people were against these wars and, from Au...
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