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Posted: Dec 9 '16
You may be tempted to countdown the days until you can kiss the year goodbye, but this is the perfect time of year to reflect on the past 12 months an... Read more: Goals, Goal, Goal Setting, Achiev...
Posted: Nov 30 '16
Like many writers I know, I had big dreams for myself when I began my first book. I imagined myself winning all the usual awards, appearing at the top... Read more: Writing, Writing Tips, Creative W...
Posted: Nov 30 '16
What I always loved about Christmas when I was a kid was my absolute certainty that Santa would bring me everything that was written on my wish list. ... Read more: Dreaming, Manifesting, Childlike,...
Posted: Nov 19 '16
How many people love to fail? Is that *crickets* I hear? One of the biggest things that holds people back from achieving their dreams is a fear of ... Read more: Failure, Success, Dreams, GPS...
Posted: Nov 18 '16
In dreams, people can escape to their past, present or future. They're also allowed to imagine the "unimaginable" but what happens when that dream bec... Read more: Dreams, Visionary, Dreamers, Drea...
Posted: Nov 4 '16
This realization may help us better understand creativity and mental illness.
Posted: Nov 1 '16
Even if you don’t consider yourself a daydreamer, you probably spend a lot of time in a state of mental wandering ― it’s natural for your mind t... Read more: Mental Illness, Creativity, Daydreaming...
Posted: Oct 27 '16
So often in life we are so busy rushing around and thinking about what we need to do next. Take a virtual walk along that beach I wrote on that day, stand still for a few minutes and ask yourself Re...
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