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Posted: 4 hours ago
In the 20-plus years since I first became aware of having mental health issues, it is a subject which is definitely more widely spoken about.
Posted: Yesterday, 10:14
Maybe you dancing on your Instagram feed might shift someone’s perceptions, ideas, or their life. Even if it is just your own, wouldn’t that be worth it?
Posted: Yesterday, 03:12
In order to properly track a child’s development, parents must understand the difference between the signs of normal disfluency and severe stuttering.
Posted: Oct 17
Children are especially vulnerable to the trauma caused by acts of community violence, which is particularly noteworthy when the trauma is all-encompassing.
Posted: Oct 17
There is a reason for those signs outside roller coasters warning people with heart conditions not to ride.
Posted: Oct 14
Misconception 1: It’s always inappropriate to talk about female genitalia
Posted: Oct 13
  By Susan Blumenthal, M.D. and Rachel Gardner, B.A. As many as forty percent of all cancers in the United States (630,000
Posted: Oct 13
When you're nibbling on your nails, you're also ingesting all the germs your hands have collected throughout the day.
Posted: Oct 11
Being able to talk about it candidly with those you trust will do you worlds of good.
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