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Posted: 5 hours ago
The former president paid tribute to Dr. Mark Hausknecht, describing him as "a fantastic cardiologist and a good man."
Posted: 20 hours ago
Compared to pregnant women in their 20s, pregnant women from ages 35 to 39 have a five times greater risk of heart attack.
Posted: 21 hours ago
The companies have also been involved in high-profile controversies in the U.S.
Posted: 21 hours ago
If you think you’ve been bitten by a tick, it’s crucial that you consult a professional.
Posted: 23 hours ago
The FDA can’t just change the way it enforces a standard without warning, but consider this warning.
Posted: Yesterday, 19:46
The way the Food and Drug Administration assesses safety has long favored industry studies over independent science.
Posted: Yesterday, 02:31
Artist Conor Collins hopes his painting encourages a discussion around lingering AIDS stigma.
Posted: Yesterday, 02:25
The Destiny’s Child singer is continuing her mental health advocacy, while seeking help from her battle with depression.
Posted: Yesterday, 00:49
"Know that it’s OK to feel the way you’re feeling and express yourself to people around you," the "Pitch Perfect 3" star says.
Posted: Jul 19
"Had I gone a year sooner, I might have had an extra five years of eyesight."
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