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Posted: 2 hours ago
The state is considering banning licensed therapists from using conversion therapy on queer kids.
Posted: 5 hours ago
The move would impede the ability of providers like Planned Parenthood to offer health care for women.
Posted: Yesterday, 21:45
"An extreme sport: looking up your symptoms on Google."
Posted: Yesterday, 08:55
The disparity is most pronounced between those aged 12 to 14, according to a Journal of Adolescent Health report.
Posted: Feb 21
Until this week, Ambrosia charged $8,000 for a single liter of blood plasma from young donors.
Posted: Feb 20
Officials decry “unscrupulous actors” hawking young blood plasma without proof it helps people. The transfusions also may pose health risks.
Posted: Feb 20
Sportswomen blasted the "disturbing, upsetting, and deeply transphobic" remarks, which appeared in The Sunday Times.
Posted: Feb 19
A wave of patients have stepped forward to share details of their own late abortion, hoping to give a human face to what they describe as personal anguish.
Posted: Feb 19
This lesser known case against Purdue Pharma in Oklahoma is set to be the first of the 330 state and federal lawsuits on opioids to go to trial.
Posted: Feb 18
"Guilt-free" implies that we should run to confession and ask for forgiveness. Here's why we need to stop using that term.
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