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Posted: Nov 15
In the words of Destiny’s Child, we are so ready for this jelly. A Dance Your Pounds Off instructor has shared a video of
Posted: Nov 14
Alex Azar has been nominated by President Donald Trump to become the new secretary of Health and Human Services. But as a former big pharma executive, he has a potentially huge conflict of interest.
Posted: Nov 10
We know how difficult it can be to relax when anxiety is making you anything but calm.
Posted: Nov 8
Donald Trump blames gun violence on mental illness, but his policies show mental health isn't a true priority.
Posted: Nov 4
A seasonal pattern of hair loss has been long suspected; it’s been observed anecdotally and documented in previous small studies.
Posted: Nov 4
While spotting between periods or just before your period starts may be nothing to worry about, it can in some cases be a symptom of a health problem.
Posted: Nov 4
The two diseases may arise from the same virus, but they afflict different populations and that is key.
Posted: Nov 4
The same concerns have been raised in virtually every area of science that involves people.
Posted: Nov 3
It’s been found that cherry juice can do wonders for those who may have trouble sleeping at night.  Recent research from
Posted: Nov 1
The one symptom of depression you probably don’t know about, and one of the hardest ones to deal with, is loneliness.
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