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Posted: Jul 4
This sex researcher is fighting for their rights.
Posted: Jul 3
“It’s never too early to have folks being educated," one advocate said.
Posted: Jul 3
In every state, terminally ill patients can be sedated to relieve suffering.
Posted: Jul 2
When faced with a fruit dessert vs. a chocolatey dessert, we make some pretty interesting decisions based on uninformed ideas about nutrition.
Posted: Jul 1
"If it can can save one life, then all of that work is worth it."
Posted: Jun 30
America’s infatuation with the first lady played a role in our current C-section epidemic.
Posted: Jun 29
Indiscriminately medicating children with behavior issues is risky and shortsighted. It’s also nothing new.
Posted: Jun 29
"When men and boys die too soon ... we all pay a heavy, heavy price," Dr. Wizdom Powell, author of a new report on health disparities in men of color, told HuffPost.
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