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Posted: Feb 5
The woman, who is eight months pregnant, was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.
Posted: Feb 2
To combat America’s addiction crisis, we must come out of the shadows.
Posted: Feb 1
Amid frigid temperatures, here's a quick guide on spotting hypothermia, what to do if trapped in your car, and more.
Posted: Feb 1
The opioid crisis costs America at least $78 billion a year.
Posted: Jan 30
The measles outbreak is a perfect example of how parents put their own kids, and others, at risk.
Posted: Jan 29
The California Medical Board said his diagnosis was hasty and "grossly negligent."
Posted: Jan 28
These are cautionary tales on the long-lasting effect of work stress from toxic jobs.
Posted: Jan 28
Experts share the underlying causes of feeling lightheaded and if you should be concerned about it.
Posted: Jan 27
Federal regulator slammed as Massachusetts sues billionaire Sacklers for pushing OxyContin.
Posted: Jan 26
Mind your business ― keep your eyes off of my scale and your imagination off of my plate.
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