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Posted: Aug 24
If you want to know if they have a concept of self, it makes little sense to confront them with a mirror.
Posted: Aug 24
Anxiety is not a necessary prerequisite for action.
Posted: Aug 24
"I’m sort of amazed so far that we haven’t examined anybody who has damage."
Posted: Aug 22
It can be so hard to forgive because ― so often ― we simply are in the right and the scale of the folly, thoughtlessness
Posted: Aug 16
A new study found women are attracted to men who eat more vegetables and fruits because of their body odor.
Posted: Aug 10
The FDA said the procedure that led to the first "three-parent embryo," violates the regulator's restrictions on genetic engineering. The clampdown could have widespread implications for other advance...
Posted: Aug 10
"If 18-year-olds are too young and can’t make the right decision to buy cigarettes, then I don’t think they should be able to vote."
Posted: Aug 9
If birthday cakes significantly contributed to the spread of deadly diseases, it’d be obvious by now given the ubiquity of the practice.
Posted: Aug 5
The announcement shows how the party’s health care views are shifting to the left.
Posted: Aug 4
Make no mistake: anxiety stinks.
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