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Posted: Jun 30 '16
We all want to do better, be better and feel better. But, according to wellness activist and self-described "cancer thriver" Kris Carr, that can only ... Read more: Own Video, Oprah Winfrey Network,...
Posted: Apr 9 '16
I love travel quotes, especially those that are inspirational, amusing or stimulate wanderlust through their wisdom. So I decided to let six of my fav... Read more: Travel, Travel Quotes, Travel Ins...
Posted: Feb 13 '16
It's a challenge just to drag yourself out of bed after divorce or a bad breakup. But remember: It's still your life to live -- you get to ... Read more: Inspiring Quotes, Single Quotes, Q...
Posted: Feb 8 '16
You are beautiful. Don't let anyone or anything lead you to believe otherwise.  We understand how hard it is to block out unwanted thoughts that ... Read more: Beauty Mantras, Beauty Quotes, P...
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