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Posted: Jul 18
This explains why all of the internet is buzzing about a 13th-century poet.
Posted: Feb 9
Francisco Pacheco, "La Inmaculada de Miguel Cid" Now that Valentine's Day is upon us, let's offer a toast to the medieval Arabs from whom Europe lear... Read more: Islamic Sexuality, Islamic Chiv...
Posted: Feb 1
Whether you believe in Hallmark Card holidays like Valentine's Day or not, this month is a good time to think about someone you love, either alive or ... Read more: Love, Love and Relationships, Val...
Posted: Jan 28
There's more to this Sufi mystic than meets the eye.
Posted: Jan 28
Michael Laitman as a child in Vitebsk, Belarus As we reflect on the Holocaust, we should also remember that we have a way to prevent it from recurri... Read more: Holocaust Remembrance Day, Kab...
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