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Posted: Jul 4 '15
As a guiding principle, whatever happens during your meditation session is okay. Meet your experience with kindness and gratitude, and your meditation session will be well worth it, no matter what hap...
Posted: Jul 1 '15
This is what I started doing after I quit my elaborate mediation practices. I do not recite mantras. I do not attempt to bend my arms and legs into inhumane positions. I do not close my eyes. I do not...
Posted: Jun 24 '15
To the uninitiated, meditation appears mysterious and downright strange. To the well-practiced however, it's just a normal part of their daily routine. So how does meditation really work, and how are ...
Posted: Jun 18 '15
Here's a list of things, that work really well, for you to do once you leave work to unwind before you get home: Read more: Unwind, Relaxation, Work-Life Balance, Life Strategy, Healthy Living News
Posted: Jun 14 '15
Far too often folks hide their light under a bushel for fear of being rejected. In doing so, we deprive the world of our unique gifts and talents - a... Read more: Rejection, Judgment, Acceptance, R...
Posted: Jun 10 '15
But there are ways to ease back into the nine-to-five-drill without losing your hard-earned relaxation the second you enter the door. Read more: Summer Vacation, Vacation, Work-Life Balance, Work, T...
Posted: Jun 2 '15
With summer quickly approaching, the thought of a summer vacation may have crossed your mind. You may be thinking about location, activities to do and your budget. Read more: Summer, Vacation, Desti...
Posted: May 30 '15
To keep myself on a path of happiness, I've been practicing at cultivating some of this awareness everyday. And that's the best part -- it's only a direction. I'm always practicing, so there's no fail...
Posted: May 29 '15
A new project just fell on your desk and that one coworker keeps complaining about, well, everything. Home won't feel any better. There's laundry, din... Read more: Relaxation, Healthy Living News
Posted: May 28 '15
If you put on an act with the person you are dating, you will never know if he cares for the real you. Read more: Seduction, Love Sex, Sex Advice, Love Advice, Relationship Advice, Dating Advice, Re...
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