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Posted: Feb 24 '16
The average writing day for pagan author Starhawk seems apt for someone whose spirituality is embedded in the magical qualities of nature. The 64-year... Read more: Starhawk, Pagan, Paganism, Kickst...
Posted: Feb 3 '16
The wedding ceremony is called "handfasting" which is a literal tying of the knot.
Posted: Feb 3 '16
Weddings hold a place of sacred importance in many spiritual traditions. They are rites of passage, marking a new chapter in a person's life. In conte... Read more: Paganism, Wicca, Pagan, Handfast...
Posted: Nov 10 '15
From meditation circles to sacred retreats, women today have endless opportunities to congregate with one another and develop their spiritual liv... Read more: Women's Spirituality, Women ...
Posted: Oct 30 '15
Fred Rogers often encountered criticism from viewers of 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.' In letter after letter, irate viewers criticized everything from his generous views of divine grace to his pacifi...
Posted: Oct 30 '15
Sex, bias, and mind-bending properties of natural products are at the core of witchcraft. The Tarot cards and highly intuitive witches who read them in New Orleans were fun, but all of this natural an...
Posted: Aug 7 '15
I don't know how else to say this. Wiccans don't practice ritual murders. Wiccans don't practice ritual murders. Wiccans don't practice ritual murders, okay? How are we in 2015 and still trying to mak...
Posted: Jul 21 '15
Instead of an abundance of screen time this summer, how about weaving a story around the campfire that culminates in a kid-friendly ritual? Or camping with your children and building a labyrinth in th...
Posted: Mar 25 '15
Enterprising witches, wiccans and occultists are setting up shop online, where customers can pay a fee to have a spell cast remotely on their behalf. ... Read more: Video, Hpl, Selling Spells, Witch...
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