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Posted: Aug 3
Follow these youth who exemplify the magic within blackness.
Posted: Jul 12
As a society, we have become really good at shaming others for how they look, what they wear, where they live, who they date
Posted: Jul 4
"The hardest step is that first step. Once you take that first step, the rest of it comes easy."
Posted: Feb 10
by Sabrina Stone, 1,000 Dreams Fund contributor In the fall of 2014, Ella Dawson started as an intern at TED. In just two years, she's taken over the... Read more: TED Talks, Ella Dawson, Interns...
Posted: Feb 7
On December 6, 2016 one of the people I have loved most in my life returned home to God at the age of 54 after a fourteen year journey with Stage 4 B... Read more: Life, Inspiration, Inspirational, ...
Posted: Feb 1
For many, Valentine's Day is typically focused on romantic love between two people. For me, Valentine's Day has always been about sharing love with ev... Read more: Valentine's Day, Giving, Lov...
Posted: Feb 1
"Things I Carry: Smart Phone? I Prefer a Brilliant Assistant!" The headline got my attention. I've followed Sir Richard Branson's career for decade... Read more: Ceo, Entrepreneur, Finding-Ri...
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