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Posted: Feb 10 '17
Whatever you choose, do it with joy and revel in pleasure, which incidentally is the best way to magnetize more love your
Posted: Feb 8 '17
Mary and I at the Heartworks fundraiser in 2015 Andrew and Mary with Father Larry on their wedding day September, 1989 And
Posted: Feb 7 '17
On December 6, 2016 one of the people I have loved most in my life returned home to God at the age of 54 after a fourteen year journey with Stage 4 B... Read more: Life, Inspiration, Inspirational, ...
Posted: Feb 2 '17
Most of all, I loved his creativity and zest for life itself. Who would be that special person that would support Sir Richard
Posted: Feb 1 '17
For many, Valentine's Day is typically focused on romantic love between two people. For me, Valentine's Day has always been about sharing love with ev... Read more: Valentine's Day, Giving, Lov...
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