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Posted: Aug 19 '16
At various times in our lives, many of us ask the eternal question: What is my purpose? This question often comes up when we are young and idealisti... Read more: Astrology, Astrologer, Transits...
Posted: Aug 10 '16
There has never been a time in history when it is easier to discover, use, or learn about Astrology. With a press of a button or a software program, you can calculate your birth chart and receive a co...
Posted: Jul 26 '16
Apparently, the stars have some very frightening news for America. Astrologer and beloved TV personality Walter Mercado recently revealed his predict... Read more: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, E...
Posted: Jul 23 '16
We have actually passed watery Cancer's time of year but a computer delay can happen any time. Take this quiz to learn about a most sexy and sensitive... Read more: Seduction, The Manly Art of Sedu...
Posted: Jul 22 '16
Here is a major sky watching event you must see: The star in the Bull's Eye! For those of us who are sky watchers on July 29, get ready to look up at... Read more: Astrology, Astrologer, Astronom...
Posted: Jul 15 '16
Fourth of July Weekend at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Secaucus, NJ I debuted my comic series Tree of Keys. In the middle of a huge empty convention center imagination and fun reigned. We had 6...
Posted: Jul 13 '16
I've been going through what my hippie friends tell me is a "Saturn return", which is something about the stars and Saturn aligning when you're 29 going on 30 and deciding your life should be shitty f...
Posted: Jun 30 '16
... Read more: Exercise, Workout, Zodiac Signs, Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign, OWN News
Posted: Jun 21 '16
As an astrologer, let me begin by saying that planets "don't make people fall in love." However, by understanding our personal horoscope, we can bett... Read more: Astrology, Astrologer, Love Com...
Posted: Jun 21 '16
Before we leave Gemini, check out your knowledge of this charming, changeable, delightful Gemini freind or lover. Read more: Gemini, Astrology, Sex, Entertainment News
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