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Posted: Aug 15 '16
You are realizing that the only thing that will ever keep you going is your love for people, and this is the true "mountaintop
Posted: Aug 4 '16
After writing a book titled Get Back Up: From the Streets to Microsoft Suites, I was given the opportunity to pen several byline articles and blogs. There's a common thread in everything I write, and ...
Posted: May 10 '16
Don Vito Corleone did his homework. The Godfather had a "vision of pain staking detail" and "He planned for the future of
Posted: Mar 19 '16
Forget all words and give shape to no phrases. We learn more in silence, undisturbed by the sound of our voice. For if destiny is mind dependent, then it's inferior to ourselves, therefore it's unimpo...
Posted: Mar 16 '16
Love yourself, love your work, love who you are. There is always the possibility of becoming exceptional if you continue to do your routine work with slight improvements daily and have the courage to ...
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