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Posted: Sep 27 '16
  There is something about traveling that gets under your skin. For those of us who have bitten by the travel bug, it becomes
Posted: Mar 19 '16
Forget all words and give shape to no phrases. We learn more in silence, undisturbed by the sound of our voice. For if destiny is mind dependent, then it's inferior to ourselves, therefore it's unimpo...
Posted: Mar 10 '16
Apply these eight rules when weighing your options to ensure that your decisions always play out in your favor:
Posted: Dec 12 '15
Manifesting means co-creating with the universal field to attract experiences, people or things into your life by sending out your unique electromagnetic signal and taking action based on our mindset ...
Posted: Oct 29 '15
Start taking these steps and before you realize it, you will be well on your way to doing work that gives you a deep sense of purpose and passion. You will become one of the 13 percent of people who l...
Posted: Sep 17 '15
Though fate is often confused with destiny and has come to mean accepting one's lot in life, there is nothing about our life that we have to accept. Rather, there are things that accompany us from bir...
Posted: Sep 3 '15
My mother encouraged me to follow my dreams as a child, which is why she allowed me to leave college and focus on my passion for music. Little did I know that 20 years later, I'd literally be followin...
Posted: Aug 28 '15
More importantly, did Destiny say yes to the prom invite?!
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