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Posted: Feb 16 '17
This looked like lack of patience with my children. When I was in my twenties, she sabotaged any happiness I might grasp
Posted: Feb 15 '17
I spoke to my mom today to ask how my daughters are since she's taking care of them while I'm away for the weekend. She told
Posted: Feb 3 '17
What makes leadership inefficient in today's economy is not a lack of skills. It is the combination of a constantly changing
Posted: Feb 1 '17
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Posted: Jan 24 '17
My dreams became more of a reality when I said: "Fuck worrying about people's expectations of me, I need the freedom to emotionally
Posted: Jan 18 '17
When we studied confident people and what made them feel internally confident, as well as being perceived as confident externally
Posted: Nov 22 '16
While materialist, utilitarian and practical understandings govern much of western modern public discourse and institutions
Posted: May 24 '16
The dance experience controversy on this show is stupid. Plain and simple. The point of this show is for celebrities to learn a new skill. So unless a celebrity is a professional ballroom dancer, then...
Posted: Apr 21 '16
For much of the late 20th Century and all of the early 21st Century, an increasing number of people have described themselves as "spiritual, but not religious."
Posted: Mar 23 '16
Very recently I was introduced to a church-word I had never heard before. The new word, now part of my professional lexicon, is "Creasters." Like a celebrity mash-up, it is a morphing of two words: "C...
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