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Posted: Sep 12
Alleged abuse and cult-like brainwashing. "Magic" crystals. And a self-proclaimed healer with unfettered access to young women for decades.
Posted: Aug 11
Gov. Kate Brown told reporters she practices yoga and meditation, and believes in treating others with respect.
Posted: May 26
For Curry and others, being Christian means rejecting white nationalism and misogyny, while protecting immigrants, refugees and the poor.
Posted: Apr 20
Choosing a new religion can often be a fraught decision. These converts share their experiences with finding new faiths and what that meant for their families. (Supported by Netflix)
Posted: Apr 19
Two converts offer their perspectives on their spiritual upbringing and how it empowered them to embrace a new faith. They speak openly about how they found their new religions and what their decision...
Posted: Apr 19
The 85-year-old Oscar winner has a lot to say about the singularity, dark energy and humanity's place in the universe.
Posted: Jan 24
No more awkward tugging and pulling
Posted: Jan 23
But the pope didn't waver in his support for a controversial Chilean bishop accused of covering up abuse.
Posted: Jan 17
Francis' trip to Chile has already been marred by protests against how the church has handled child abuse allegations.
Posted: Jan 13
Because it's only becoming more of a struggle.
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