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Posted: Dec 3 '17
The two men met in New Delhi to discuss promoting peace and a "sense of oneness" in a divided world.
Posted: Oct 13 '17
The Panchen Lama has not been heard from since that day, more than 20 years ago, when he and his family were taken.
Posted: May 11 '16
The U2 frontman expresses the kind of faith that is filled with both skepticism and a deep yearning for answers.
Posted: Apr 27 '16
These spiritual retreat centers will give you a taste of the monastic life.
Posted: Apr 21 '16
The Pew Research Center took a look at what people without a religious affiliation think is essential to morality.
Posted: Jan 7 '16
The two billion Christians of the world and the several Christians still left in the United States do well to listen to the criticism which argues that they do not help seekers, being smugly satisfied...
Posted: Jan 7 '16
He urged us to grasp the "fundamental unity" of faith.
Posted: Dec 31 '15
Here are some new ideas to mark the beginning of 2016.
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